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What is Streekers?

Streekers is true temporary hair color with a difference: not a mascara, not a crayon, not a paint. It’s instant, liquid, and brushable. Colors are vibrant on blondes or blonde streaks and show as subtle highlights on darker hair.

Does Streekers flake or rub off?

Streekers does not flake or rub off because it is true temporary hair color. It bonds to the hair, unlike mascaras and gel-based colors, which only coat the surface of the hair.

Can I brush my hair after applying Streekers?

You can brush your hair after Streekers dries. After brushing, your hair is soft and the color remains vibrant. Streekers is the only temporary bright hair color that can be brushed after application.

Can I use styling products with Streekers?

Mousse, gel, and other styling products can be used prior to applying Streekers. Hair spray can be used over Streekers.

How do I apply Streekers?

Lift hair up and away from the scalp in small sections. Apply Streekers to dry hair, from root to tip in long strokes. The sponge-tip applicator makes Streekers precise and easy to apply.

How do I remove Streekers?

Just shampoo and rinse. For very dry, bleached hair, 2-3 shampoos may be needed.

Can I use Streekers on dark hair?

The blonder the hair, the brighter the color. Colors are vibrant on blondes or blonde streaks. Streekers shows as subtle highlights on darker hair.

Can I apply several different colors of Streekers?

You can use as many colors as you like. Wait for each Streekers color to dry before adding another color.

Will Streekers stain blonde hair?

Streekers will wash out of dry or porous hair in 2-3 washings. You can apply styling wax under Streekers, on the areas to be colored, to protect against staining.

Are there any harsh chemicals in Streekers?

There are no harsh chemicals. No ammonia or peroxide.

Can I play sports with Streekers in my hair?

Perspiration can cause Streekers to lift off onto fabrics (towel, hat, etc.).

What if Streekers gets on my skin?

Streekers comes off with soap and water.

Will Streekers stain clothing?

Streekers will stain fabric and other porous materials.

Should I shake the bottle before using Streekers?

It is not necessary and it is not recommended, as bubbles will form in the liquid. Keep the bottle upright when opening.

What is the Streekers policy on animal testing?

Streekers does not test on animals, and does not use any animal-based ingredients.